Put A Ring On It: A Beginner's Guide To Choosing Your First Cock Ring

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Of all the various sexy toys and devices available to modern men, few devices are as diverse and versatile as the humble cock ring. These disarmingly simple objects, which are placed over the base of the penis to prevent blood from draining away from your erection, can greatly enhance your pleasure and performance in the bedroom, and are equally useful if you wish to maintain your erection for longer, not suffer from embarrassing erectile dysfunction, or want to experiment with some mild bondage and/or BDSM with your partner.

16 May 2018

Features to Consider When Purchasing a New Point-of-Sale System

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A point-of-sale, or POS, system is vital for retail establishments and restaurants; these are the systems used to cash out customers and they are often tied into inventory, timesheets and other systems needed to run your business effectively. When you're in the market for a new POS system, note a few features you want to consider and how they can help you manage your business more effectively. 1. Tip figuring

21 August 2015

4 Must-Have Accessories For Your Gun Safe

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There are a number of accessories available to enhance the functionality of your gun safe. Some accessories help prolong the life of your guns, while others allow you to organise your gun collection and make better use of the space in your safe. Here's an overview of four accessories every gun safe should have: Dehumidifier Too much moisture in your safe can cause condensation damage and even rust spots on your guns.

31 March 2015

A Buyer's Guide: Types of Sports Trophies

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Sports trophies are ideal symbols to celebrate and recognize the work of teams and individuals. It is therefore vital to choose an item which will appeal to the respective recipients and reflect well on the sponsors of the event. There are various factors to consider when purchasing awards including the materials, designs, costs and the appropriate customization options. The selection task can be daunting especially if you are purchasing trophies for the first time.

25 March 2015

Beauties From The Bush: Three Western Australian Native Wildflowers Suitable For Bouquets


The arid, seemingly lifeless expanses of desert that cover much of Western Australia don't seem like the most intuitive place to find some beautiful flowers, and yet the poor and barren soils play host to some of the most striking and beautiful wildflowers in the world. This is a fact not lost on florists the world over, and once obscure flowers now take pride of place in bouquets, wedding arrangements and commercial plantings.

27 February 2015