A Buyer's Guide: Types of Sports Trophies

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Sports trophies are ideal symbols to celebrate and recognize the work of teams and individuals. It is therefore vital to choose an item which will appeal to the respective recipients and reflect well on the sponsors of the event. There are various factors to consider when purchasing awards including the materials, designs, costs and the appropriate customization options. The selection task can be daunting especially if you are purchasing trophies for the first time. Here is a short guide on the types of sports trophies available to help you identify suitable items.

Entry Level Trophies

These award types are commonly referred to as economy trophies because they are designed to accommodate small budgets. They consist of a small marble base without felt and a sports figurine. An example of entry-level trophies is the resin option which is made from petroleum products. These are popular because the built sports figurines are designed with incredible details. The marble base can be engraved but you can cut the expenses even further by choosing a printed tag to attach to the trophy. This trophy is suited for kids' sports teams especially when each individual is being awarded. It is important to be aware that you can choose medals instead but the trophies will have more impact.

Participation Trophies

The design of the participation trophy is somewhat similar to the entry-level alternative; the main distinction is in quality and size. This product consists of a relatively large base which can be made from marble, wood or even plastic depending on your budget. Felt pads are applied on the base to form a good foundation when placed on a platform. A figurine of a pertinent sports player or other relevant icon is mounted on a column. The top design can be made from plastic or metal depending on your budget. This is a perfect choice for older youth teams.


Sports plaques are available in different configurations and they are favored because of the simplicity of the design. Basically, the plaque has a section for engraving and space for inserting an icon of the sport. The most popular design is the photo icon plaque which has enhanced personalization.

Championship Trophies

These are large multi-column awards that are typically given to winning championship teams and the design may include a prominent base, solid columns, iconic cups and a sports figurine. They are made from high quality and even precious metals depending on the significance of the competition. They are unsuitable for small-scale events but ideal for annual commemoration.

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