4 Must-Have Accessories For Your Gun Safe

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There are a number of accessories available to enhance the functionality of your gun safe. Some accessories help prolong the life of your guns, while others allow you to organise your gun collection and make better use of the space in your safe. Here's an overview of four accessories every gun safe should have:


Too much moisture in your safe can cause condensation damage and even rust spots on your guns. Any paperwork you keep in your safe can also be damaged and develop mildew over time. Keep your valuable collection in good condition by installing a wireless dehumidifier in your safe. They contain crystallised silica gel or water glass crystals that absorb excess moisture. Many models have a colour-coded strip that tells you when the unit has absorbed all the moisture it can. At that point you simply have to plug the dehumidifier into a wall socket and an internal heater will dry out the absorbent material, meaning you can use your gun safe dehumidifier over and over again.

Door Panel Organiser

Installing a door panel organiser on the inside of the safe door will free up shelf space in your gun safe. Fabric-covered door panels can be mounted to your safe door with brackets and can be custom-made to your specification. They're typically made with heavy-duty nylon and have several holsters, pockets and pouches that are ideal for storing handguns, documents, range finders, and binoculars.


Internal lighting allows you to quickly and safely find what you're looking for, particularly if your safe is located in a dark basement or garage. Battery-powered LED safe lights won't raise the temperature in your safe and are available with a motion sensor. The lights can be programmed to go off automatically after several minutes and some come with an alarm that lets you know when the batteries need replaced. Alternatively, you can opt for a rotating battery-powered light that allows you to direct light anywhere you want in the safe, so you'll be able to see right into the back corners of your safe if required.

Under-Shelf Pistol Hangers

Pistol hangers allow you to hang your handguns under the shelves in your gun safe. They free up space on the shelves and make use of otherwise dead space between shelves. They also provide a storage solution that prevents your guns from rubbing against each other when they're stacked untidily on a shelf, which can damage their finish. The hangers are made from vinyl-coated metal, which is strong and won't scratch your handguns.

A company like Wholesale Racking Australia T/As Office City can give you advice on choosing accessories suited to the size of your safe, so let them know what you want to achieve and they'll point you in the right direction.


31 March 2015

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